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Character Sketch on Giant

In the novel Giant by Edna Ferber, Leslie Lynnton, a young socialite and Virginia girl

falls in love with Bick Benedict, a Texan man, after they meet in her home. Shortly after their

encounter, they marry and agree to make a home at the Benedict Reata Ranch in Texas. As the

story advances, Leslie accepts the challenges of becoming a Texan woman. Leslie and Bick often

argue over Leslie’s mindset and her desire to be more than a typical Texan woman. Her

continuous denial to keep a distance from the Mexicans and her disagreements with her husband

create some marital tension, but they are still able to maintain a successful marriage in spite of

their issues. Together they raise two children and learn to accept their children’s desires instead

of their own. Throughout the story, Leslie proves to Texas her traits of bravery, respectfulness,

and acceptance.

Throughout the novel, Leslie is forced to make tough decisions, but she never loses her

quality of bravery. Her first act of bravery is when she leaves her home, and moves to Texas with

her husband. This is brave of her because she is introduced to the struggles in Texas such as

sexism and racism, struggles she did not face in Virginia. Another example of Leslie’s bravery is

when she engages with the men in political affairs. This is courageous of Leslie because the

women in Texas were known to never acquire knowledge in politics. Finally, her last act of

bravery occurs later in the story when she sends the Benedict family doctor to help a sick

Mexican child. This is a brave act because her husband is not fond of acts of kindness towards

Mexicans and thus creates tension between the two. Regardless of any disproval from her

husband, Leslie exhibits her feature of bravery endlessly in the Benedict home.

In the story, Leslie’s ability to respect others is quickly recognized. In the...