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Gap Analysis: Harrison-Keyes

Gap Analysis: Harrison-Keyes

Strategic implementation and alignment are important tools that companies use to develop methods to achieve their mission and vision. Harrison-Keyes, Inc. (H-K) has selected an e-commerce project to achieve growth, because it would be an opportunity to accomplish their mission. After selection of the project, H-K implemented a strategy to attain their project goal of selling e-books through their website. The strategy initially implemented is experiencing problems that have created unexpected opportunities for H-K.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Harrison-Keyes Inc has been lacking process controls, as they use Asia Digital a contracted company to outsource their work. The key organizing principle is that instead of doing everything in house, a firm can outsource key activities to other businesses with the requisite competencies. Harrison Keyes has the ability to build communication skills with Asia Digital as they are being used as partners for outsourcing their publishing needs and deadlines.

Asia Digital has been utilized to complete the services abroad but due to the massive floods the service level agreement is not being met. Jan Peters is the Senior Vice President, Business Development and Head of the Implementation she was not really aware of the company’s lack of awareness. The company did not plan for a natural disaster in India, as massive coastal floods hit. Project Control Process needs to be put in place to control the process of comparing actual performance against plan to identify deviations, evaluated possible alternative course of action. The lack of planning for a back up plan in time of need was not measured by the management team.

H-K did not manage time therefore causing production hiccups leading to missed deadlines. They have yet to identify...