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Strategic Plan

4 Years: April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2016



In the spring of 2012, the Board of Directors of the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute (TBRRI) mandated the development of a new strategic plan. The timing was appropriate, in that TBRRI had progressed through four years of its first strategic plan. Moreover, the associated hospital, the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center (TBRHSC) had just completed the development of a new strategic plan and was beginning to implement it. As the research arm of TBRHSC, TBRRI was expected to develop the research component of the TBRHSC strategic plan. Moreover, the founding CEO of TBRRI had just announced his intent to pursue another opportunity beyond TBRRI and a new CEO was appointed. The strategic planning process, as outlined in Fig. 1, consisted of several distinct phases, beginning with an assessment of progress under the first strategic plan. This assessment followed a comprehensive economic impact analysis conducted in the Fall of 2011i.


• Assessment of progress under 1st Strategic Plan • Assessment of Mission and Vision • Environmental Scan • Research Engagement Session • Outline of Strategic Plan at AGM • Completion of Strategic Plan for Board Approval • Accountability Session • Implementation of Strategic Plan


June July to October Fall

Figure 1. Timeline for development of new strategic plan for TBRRI.

It was agreed for the TBRRI strategic plan to adopt a similar consultative approach to that followed by TBRHSC the previous year. We refer to this approach as the five partners in healthcare (see Fig. 2), as described by Charles Boelenii.

Figure 2. The five partners of healthcare in Boelen model.

3 A steering committee was formed to guide the strategic planning process for TBRRI. The committee membership (see below) was chosen to be representative of the five partners in healthcare. The committee met periodically from May through September to...