Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religions Paper

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Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religions Paper


Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religion

Religion is a concept that is as old as time, and when one thinks of religion, you think of religious texts such as the bible, Quran, Torah or key figures in ones on belief system. Key figures and texts of one’s religion are always the same, the stories are the same because this information is timeless and one can always go back to those texts, stories or icons and know what you believe in. What you don’t think of is religion as changing, but the reality of all things in life is that the world has evolved and the way things are done or viewed do change and are constantly changing even, religion. Team B aims to take to a look at Buddhism and the way this particular Eastern religion has evolved in the modern world, and how those changes has affected the individuals belief system. Within this paper Team B will evaluate the different branches of Buddhism and give more insight into each sect and its evolution over time.

Mahayana Buddhism

What has changed throughout the years since Buddhism was created? Well, quite a bit! It has evolved into different branches closely related to its original form in the way of meditation and certain types of rituals that help keep its followers balanced. One of the branches is the Mahayana form. It includes promoting wisdom and compassion and its members include non-monks, the married, and women (Nosotro, 2010). What separates Mahayana beliefs from Confucianism, Taoism, and Christianity? Well, to start it does not believe in a god! It also allows its followers to attain a Buddhahood position which is the highest god-like state. Many of the other religions either make it extremely difficult or not...