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Circored Project

The Circored project ultimate goal was to develop a new plant that would generate a new technology. Stakeholders consisted of three different companies in three different countries. They each had different style of problem solving that led to delays and conflict.

The stakeholders knew what they wanted as the ultimate goal, but they did not have good understanding on how they were going to get there and were not aware of the unforeseeable events.

Stakeholders, including management of all three companies would have a shared knowledge of the entire project plan that was clearly defined. Each of them would have enough information about the complexity of the issue and understand the conceptual framework to make decisions. There is value in understanding what is needed, and understand that one must be flexible based on unknowns the project; as it could be delayed due to unpredictable situations. They would meet as a team at least once a month to discuss project plan and collectively formulate strategic recommendations as the scope of the projects change

Although Circored had a very reputable PM, he had never managed a project like this before. He lacked experience in working a combination of complexity and uncertainty. There was many unk unks and risks uncovered in which they had to try to fix by trial and error and methods were not sufficiently developed. An experienced project manager or managers would be hired to manage the project.

Even though basic PRM was completed and some foreseeable issues were uncovered; the unknowns led to underestimating both construction costs and timelines. Each piece of the project had its own complexity. Risk management office would have been started to centralize issues as they arose. This project was highly complex so no one individual or group can hold all of the required knowledge. Risk management could have reduced the complexity and break down...