Advantage and Disadvantage of Traditional Markets and Digital Markets

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EFO703: Bachelor Thesis in Business Administration 300 Basic Level Mälardalen University Supervisor: Leif Sanner

Traditional Marketing vs. Internet Marketing

A comparison


Group 1931: Alfa Shima 820103 Mona Varfan 820721


Date: Level: Authors: Alfa Shima (820103-8588) Pettersbergsgatn 24,8tr 72463 Västerås 076 2740308 Supervisor: Leif Sanner Title: Problem: Traditional marketing vs. Internet marketing: A comparison Marketing is an important strategy for businesses and it contains numerous effective tools. Traditional marketing has been in use for many years and nowadays Internet has brought new ways of doing business for companies and that has affected marketing. What are the main differences between Internet marketing and traditional marketing? Which one of the two approaches contains the most used and effective marketing tools according to chosen companies in this thesis? The aim of this study is to compare traditional marketing and Internet marketing and show the differences of characteristics between them. And to find out what marketing tools are effective for some chosen companies in the fashion industry. Mona Varfan (820721-7004) Sorögatan 29, 2tr 16447 Kista 073 7336006 2008-06-05 Bachelor Thesis in Business Administration, 15 ECTS credits



The information gathered in this study was obtained through qualitative research from textbooks, websites, articles and interviews. Some quantitative data such as statistics were also gathered. The authors conducted interviews with few companies operating in the fashion industry to collect information needed for the analysis in this study.

Conclusion: By analysing different aspects of theory, comparison and interview answers, the authors came to a conclusion. Using the advantages of both Internet marketing and traditional marketing according to the goals of the company, is considered to be the most effective way of marketing. Comparing the two approaches, Internet...