Defining Moment of Self

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A Changed Perspective

On a simple, but not so ordinary summer day, I stumbled upon an entire new way of thinking. I was muddling through my daily chores while absently-mindedly thinking of my afternoon plans. While halfway folding my clothes I heard my step dad watching the History Channel in the neighboring room. It was discussing the ideology of Ralph Waldo Emerson, one leading the 18th century transcendentalist. His philosophy fascinated me and prompted me to save his name in my cellular notepad. Finally there came a Saturday evening when I was scrolling through the notepad and saw“Emerson- Philosophy” save in it. I easily spend an hour researching about his works. I noticed the essay “Self-Reliance” was reoccurring on many of the websites about Emerson so naturally I looked it up.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Self-Reliance” explains how each individual has a responsibility to express their own unique genius. It can be manifested though self confidence in thoughts and attitudes. Despite inconsistencies or public discontent, staying true to individuality is vital. “Self-Reliance” helped me see myself and others in a total different and wondrous light. It empowered me to embrace my oddities and unique characteristics. In a society so vexed upon “the norm” and the superficial it is rare to find a person who can firmly withstand the majority in total confidence in disregards to public opinion. It was then that I realized to be misunderstood should not be frightening or discouraging because “to be great is to be misunderstood.”

The new heighten confidence I acquired from studying the essay prompted me to take action on an issue I noticed but failed to address. Being a young African American female I noticed how many of my magazines subscription were not catered to my demographic. There was a lack of beauty ads that portrayed race and size diversity. I conversed with my friends about this deficit and one suggested to write a letter to the magazines, but I...