Business Plan: Molecular Mixology Cocktail Bar

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Business Plan

Culinary Enterprise Development

Lecturer: Dr. Kathleen Farrell

Michael Brogan

Niamh Farrell

Brian White


Modern Cocktail bar

The Lab Lounge,


The purpose of this business plan is to raise 100,000 euro for the development of a Cocktail Bar/café which will sell light food and alcoholic beverages during at night and coffee during the day. The company was founded by Brian White, Niamh Farrell and Michael Brogan.

1.0 Executive Summery

The purpose of the business plan is to raise 100,000 for the developmant of a modern cocktail bar in the temple bar area, Dublin. It will showcase expected financials and operations over the next 3 years, and target individuals within the target market.

1.1 The service

The Lab Lounge will operate a small location in the temple bar area Moday-Sunday and will provide coffee and light food during the day and cocktails and light food during the night. The company will also sell molecular kits in the shop and online and will also have cocktail master classes and mixologists available for private parties and functions.

We hope that sales in these areas will accumulate great capital in the gross margin allowing the business to generate profitable revenue throughout the course of the calendar year. The business intends to attaine a large number of regular frequenters though effective target, direct and relationship marketing.

1.2 Financing

The company wishes to raise 100,000 euro from a bank loan and each share holder will also contribute 30,000 euro toward starting the company. The bank load agreement and rate of interest will have to be further discussed during negotiations, however for the cash flow forecast with this business plan the rate of interest has been fixed at 8% for 10 years.

Said financing will be necessary for:

· Rent and development of Company location.

· Financing for the first 6 month of business.

· Capital to purchase Company equipment.

After recieving the...