Riordan Manufacturing Service Request

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Riordan Manufacturing Service Request

Part - 02

Withanage Perera



Marc Portner

The subject to describe in this paper is the application architecture and process design of Riordan Manufacturing Inc., Human Resources Information System. This paper describes how we are going to make a transition from analysis to design.

Application architecture

Application architecture is the structure of automatic services that bring and perform such functional needs that have the interfaces through which structure apply the functional needs of the organization. For efficient operating, there should be only one structure of application architecture and development design, but in different organizations, different application architectures are employed. There are mostly three views which are used in application architecture, these are as follow:

Conceptual views: This view of application architecture is utilized to explain the necessities of business and the business users' examination of the application to produce a business model. Strategies of conceptual modeling, like action diagrams, case analysis, business body modeling and process design, assist to make a clarification of the goals of business and requirements, and are free of execution know-how.

Logical views: The architects create the request designs that engage reasonable views of the business pattern as they illustrate the way through which the business goals and necessities are fulfilled. The request designs portray the reasonable observation of the submission architecture. The architects here are pertained with the on the entire application structure. They conclude on the function of procedure steps and data administration. They also arrange the interactions between different components of the model in circumstance of the reasonable sequences and messages. To one side from this, they also determine what information as well as position should be seized by the model that is of key...