Genetically Modified Organism Foods

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Topic: Genetically Modified Organism Foods

V. Psychological considerations and sociological effects

No matter what site or study you read now days, there is always a big debate on genetic engineering. Consumers are more concerned about ethical reasons, such as all things living are a product of God, and should not be altered, or we would soon wrath the consequences. (Shukla, 2011) They also fear harm to human beings, animals, and the environment, from side effects of the unknown. Society as a whole welcomes genetic engineering when it comes to” Production of Human Insulin, Use in Gene Therapy, Creation of Neo-organs, and a minimal Usage in Agriculture.” (Nakate, 2011)It seems that if genetic engineering is being used for a good cause and can enhance the ability to live a longer life, we are all for it, as long as there are proven scientific results available. On the other side of the coin, split attitudes arise from “Harmful Effects on Crops, GM Animals, Unnatural Methods Being Used, Risk of Misuse, Disruption of Natural Genetic Information, and Preliminary Stage of Research”. (Nakate, 2011)

To dig into the specific studies involving GMO foods , the results are in, and here are the pro’s. In countries where the lack of food and education on risks involved GMO foods were portrayed as a saving grace. They welcome the ability to use the technology to save the hungry, and believe the supply and demand effect will lower the prices too. These countries have a lower education level of consumers and seem to be a determining factor as a societal view. Another plus, these consumers rationalize their decision on the fact that it’s hard to find foods on the shelf today that don’t have an actual chemical or additive in it already, to make it taste better or preserve longer. Overall they see the benefits out weighing the risks (Aleksejeva, 2012).

The cons are more about the fears society has from ingesting unknown chemicals into their bodies and the side effects not...