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Experienced in Slow Motion.

We were all young, reckless, and filled with false pretense of being knowledgeable at a young age; this is the wonders of youth. I will admit that I did not stray to far from everyone else. An eye opener for me happened when I first started driving. Normally people are taught starting with their parents then moving on to a more official driving course or further parent tutoring. For myself it happened in the narrow and crowded streets of Japan without the nagging of my parents. It took me one reckless day of driving to see things at a different perspective. It is easy to dive in head first into your actions without prior thought, no matter the outcome, and look back with an experience that will forever affect you.

I would think that it would be the weather or an inexperienced driver that would lead to a small and minute first car accident, but instead my downfall was of my choosing. It was a clear sunny day on the I-90, the main road going around the base, and the traffic was moving faster than the normal afternoon crawl. When stopped at the light, I noticed a Subaru blue freshly washed W-RX with tinted windows. A sedan built to perform better at high speeds than my red tank the Toyota Surf, known stateside as a 4Runner. My bulky SUV and their agile sedan came to a halt simultaneously at the stoplight, when I heard him begin to rev his engine at me. I welcomed his challenged not thinking about the variables that would make it a near impossible win for me and began to rev up my engine back at him as an acknowledgement.

From that decision my faith was sealed with what was to come. The moment the light turned green, we both sped off at the front of our lanes like horses out of the gate. At first I was keeping up side by side until we closed the gap with the upcoming cars. We began to maneuver in and out with amount of space we had to work with; which is like driving in a side road here in the states. The roar of my engine...