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English 12


Hi my name is Cheryl Sugar, and I am from Chicago. I am telling you this story because I learned a lot about different cultures. My new friend’s name is Davi and I am very glad that we have met. He taught me many things about life and I can learn a lot from him. My mom understood and my brothers even enjoyed the company, I just wish he were around me so I could share more things about my culture with him.

I am a sophomore at Lincoln Park High school. I am captain of the volleyball team, and head Cheerleader. I am very popular around school and I hear that I am in line for the title of Prom Queen. Everyone pretty much knows me because I throw the best parties, and everyone has a great time. I am top of my class, and I know most of the upper classmen –well, they know me–, because I take classes with them. Some people say that my celebrity look alike is Rihanna. My two best friends are Piper and Gina. They are also very popular and they are seniors, so I tend to look up to them.

My mom’s name is Cindy Sugar and she had a great relationship with Uiara, Davi’s mother. My mom was always in to cultures and so are my brothers. My brothers are Jake and Stephen. Some times I feel like I do not belong in my family because my brothers and my mother are so interested in cultures, but I guess it is because it just does not interest me. Davi was a culture shock to me, and it all started about 6 months ago when Davi and his family first moved in.

One day my mother was sitting on the couch and talking to the Uiara. She seemed very nice, and my mother was learning all about Uiara’s culture. Her family is from Brazil and her husband’s name is Thiago. They are every strong believers of their culture. Their son’s name is Davi, and he was my age. When Uiara brought him over with her to say hi, Davi was with her and I was told that he would be coming to my school, and I would have to show him around. Thiago was in the army and that was the reason...