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English 1101; Narrative Essay


The Day I Found Life

It all began in Shreveport, Louisiana on a Sunday morning in the month of July when I woke up with a determination to find a church to attend. I was 800 miles away from my home church, due to a job assignment. I was not sure if I would be able to find a church that I would feel comfortable attending since I was accustomed to a church where everyone knew each other, and they all felt like family. I got dressed in my nice, three piece suit with my matching tie and new Stacy Adams shoes. Once I left my apartment, headed in no particular direction, I was just riding, where I had passed by some churches before. I must have ridden around for 45 minutes looking for a church that was eye catching. I soon made up my mind and told myself that the next church I approach is going to be the church I am going to attend. Shortly after, I approached a mid-sized, fenced in church where I noticed several different ethnicities in the parking lot walking towards the church. I stuck to my plan and chose to attend this church that was called Word of God Ministries. I never heard of it before, and I could not tell by the sign in the front what denomination it was. I was worried if this church worshiped the same God I did. I paid attention to a Bible someone in the parking lot was holding. It was the King James Holy Bible, so I knew there was something in common with me and that church. Little did I know, walking into this church would mark the beginning of a new life for me, and I would come out as a changed man.

Once I walked in the church, I immediately began to notice the differences in what I was accustomed to from my traditional Methodist church. A few things I noticed were the praise and worship music, dim lighting, and lyrics to the song projected on the screens. The atmosphere felt so different. That was my first time seeing so many different ethnicities in the congregation leading...