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Euthanasia: An Act of Compassion

Deliverance from endless suffering is the greatest service that can be performed by a healer. It is true that the ability to enjoy life and live it to the fullest is cherished by all. Life is a journey, an education of sorts, a blend of joy, and sorrow but not a eulogy of pain.

Imagine a life of constant pain and endless medication. A life devoid of happiness, not because of the lack of love or money, but simply because of the inability to experience anything other than pain. Overwhelming pain that racks the body, saps it of any desire to experience life and all the person wants is to end the pain.

Flu, common cold and fever are minor irritants that disrupt life in small ways. A simple flu or fever, if left untreated, causes so much suffering to a person. Something as trivial as a common cold, that just lasts a week, becomes unbearable at times. Then, how is one to bear a painful incurable ailment without hoping for retribution?

One wonders if there is any hope at all and that's when the miracle happens. Drifting gently into a deep painless sleep, forgetting the pain and agony that life unwittingly bestowed, one moves towards the speck of light visible at the end of the tunnel. Happiness means different things to different people. A premeditated crime is definitely wrong, but Euthanasia, an act of compassion that brings happiness to a dying man, is commendable.