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In the present state of the economy, more people are shopping at Walmart. Walmart is successful at driving competitors out of business, keeping wages and inflation down, and productivity high. Walmart’s everyday low prices have made suppliers reduce wholesale costs, transferring those savings to customers at low prices. Walmart saves consumers about 20 billion dollars and after competitors reduce their prices, it makes savings of approximately $100 billion.

Walmart is an anti-union company and America’s largest private employer. Eventhough, Walmart treats their customers good their sales clerk average eight to nine dollars per hour or 13-14,000 a year. Walmart is partly the blame for the sorry state of retail wages in America. The federal poverty line for a family of three is 14,630. Walmart has over a million workers but a full-time employee can not take care of a family with a Walmart paycheck by the company’s own admission.

Walmart’s decisions influences wages and working conditions worldwide. U.S. economist’s say Walmart has not only boosted its own bottom line but also is helping to keep inflation down across the country. Customers are reaping the benefits each time they go through Walmart’s checkout lines.

Walmart has decrease U.S. manufacturing jobs oversees by making suppliers cut whole costs. Walmart has made factory jobs go out of business from one poor country to another by acquiring the most inexpensive goods.

As Walmart is rapidly expanding in to groceries, it is stirring up another segment of the economy. When a Walmart store comes in a development, it wipes out the competition and takes high paying union jobs with them.

Fiscal policies

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world but their employment practices need some improvement. A large percentage of Walmart workers are receiving public assistance. Some of the issues at the annual shareholders meeting were new policies on pay, promotion, diversity, benefits, and...