Club It Part Two

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Club IT Part Two

Elianeth Lluch

BIS 219

August 25, 2010

Ramiro Sandoval

Club IT Part Two

Club IT is a new music place in downtown’s city nightlife. The owners of Club IT Ruben and Lisa want to bring at El Centro extraordinary and unforgettable nightlife atmosphere to its guests. Even though Club IT has done an exceptional job in the information systems world, but it is waiting for improvement. In evaluating and examining information about the nightclub business, opportunities at the Club IT exist in improving technology capabilities. Both Ruben and Lisa need an assessment of existing information systems and recommendations on how to improve management capabilities. 

Although Lisa and Ruben did a good work remodeling their club’s interior, they are thinking about the club’s information management systems. Ruben and Lisa use information resources like the intranet to help to keep their business organization efficiently. For example, the owners and employees use a private network that they only can access. Club IT' employees use their internal intranet to log in to their website with a username and password, club it. It provides the club’s employees with access to information such as their schedules, medical and insurance forms, news, and the company’s policies, which only the company’s employees can access and not the public. Nevertheless, the security of long in needs to be reinforcing, the problem is that the employees have the same login and password giving them access to the same information that the owner have. The best solution would be that each employee should have his or her own username and password. Club IT information resources are found on the web-sites homepage, which there are seven informational (About Club IT, Club IT Music, Dining and Menu, Merchandise, Club IT Staff, Club IT Layout, and Employee Portal) sections of the website are very basic. As result of evaluation, I found that using their current methods of management...