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1. Dynamism in International Relations

The use of force is the last and the most effective weapon in bringing about social and political change, and it has played decisive role in international relations also.

In spite of the fact that nuclear weapons posses overkill potentiality, the use of force plays an important role in international relations. Stress on avoidance of war and the establishment of peace is not a new thing.

Various efforts have been made for the establishment of peace since the beginning of this world. Various institutions have been established to achieve peace. Still, war continues to be a legally recognised activity of States. Its occurrence is a normal and regular aspect of international relations.

It is with this view that more and more inventions and sophistication in the nature of the existing weapons is being made every day. Military Power is no longer measured by the extent of territory but by the developments in the field of science and technology.

This fact has added dynamism in international relations stated by Clansewitz, "It has become difficult to accept the traditional relationship of weapons, war and national objectives Superiority in the possession of nuclear weapons has become an objective in international relations.

The speed of innovations in the field of military planning, as stated by Reger Hilsman ; is so rapid that "efforts at adaptation are hardly begun before they must be scrapped". It has become almost impossible for the experts of military planning to analyze facts of the present to suit objectives of the future.

In the past, military innovations would permit more or less a stable pattern of some durability. But the present rapidity of change clearly forbids any kind of stability. In so far as this aspect is concerned, international relations has become more dynamic than it could be ever before.

2. Defenselessness

In the past, defense against military weapons could be secured. But, so far, there is no evidence...