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I studied the effect of light on Seedling Growth.


2 pots (10 ~ 12 cm dia), Gram seeds, garden Soil, Blotting paper, Brown Envelop (14 X 20 cm), Calculator, Electric Balance, penknife, Eraser, Pencil, Graph Paper, Punch Machine, Razor Blade.


I select Gram Seeds. Soak gram seeds in 200ml tap water for about 08 to 10 hours. I prepare 02 pots. I transfer 4 to 6 seeds in each pot filled with garden soil about 2cm deep in the soil, and sprinkle 50ml water. Then I label one pot as “Control” and the other as “Treatment”. I kept Control pot in the lab near a window and I put treatment in a dark chamber.

After 04 days I added 50ml water in both pots, I don’t expose the treated pot to light.

After one week I recorded the following data:-

a) Height of seedlings

b) Size of Leaves (Length)

c) Color of Stem and leaves of the seedlings

d) Number of Leaves.

e) Length of internodes.

My Data Collection is as follows:-

a) Height of Seedlings

|Sr. |Light (Control) |Dark (Treatment) |

|1. |15.00 cm |22.4 cm |

|2. |14.5 cm |25.3 cm |

|3. |16.4 cm |30.00 cm |

Mean Height of light grown seedlings:-

15.0 + 14.5 + 16.4 = 34.97


Mean Height of Dark grown seedlings:-

22.4 + 25.3 + 30.0 = 57. 70


Fig. (a)1:

Fig. (a)2: 66.85%

My Observation:-

The seedlings grown in dark are heighted than that of seedling grown in light. The mean heights of dark grown seedlings are higher than that of light grown.

b) Size of leaves (Length)

|Sr. |Light (Control)...