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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Tieshia Brewster

University of Phoenix

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communication has developed numerous goals in which they believe would take the company out of its demanding situation if they are achieved. The company is experiencing too much competition, but with a plan in place to maintain an aggressive advantage by developing a strategy to move the company into a global market. At this very moment Global Communication is experiencing a very imposing reduction in stock prices, too much antagonism and financial prudence measures.

Global Communication team thinks that immediate solutions to all the issues that they are facing would be to move the technical call center to India and Ireland with the hope to cut the cost of labor, expanding there sources globally and expanding the target markets to include primarily small business and consumer customer. “Organization’s need to learn that doing business in a way that harms other is wrong that on a practical level; doing that undermines trust; which is critical to the success of business.”(Journal of Business Communication) The managers are looking at the future for their organization but the steps that they had to take weren’t thought out completely.

According to experts explaining the reciprocal (give-and-take) aspect of trust as follows: “When we see others acting in way that imply that they trust us, we become more disposed to reciprocate by trusting in them more. Conversely, we come to distrust those actions appear to violate our trust or to distrust us.” This is what you give is what you get.

Failing to think out the alternative solutions to the issues at hand is the greatest problem that telecommunication industry is facing to move from their present condition in order to make goals an actuality.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

Global communication believed that out...