Mba 500-Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications


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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

An employer who has a problem with its profits… the market has forced them to look at outsourcing work, to staying competitive the telecommunication market. The company has several major hurdles to over come; with a good understanding of the situation in hand the company changed its way of doing business. The first big step will be having the labor union buy into this plan of outsourcing. The company has just been in negotiation with the union, where the employees gave back several big benefits back to the company. With these issues in hand going back to the bargaining table will be difficult. It was a very difficult time in hammering out a new labor contract.

The company has to create a platform for teamwork with the union, without the unions blessing. This problem has come about because of a lack of communication, with all parties involved. Attempting to sell what best for the company, without any benefits for the union to hang its hat on will be hard. When the management team sat down created this new direction for the company, it only looked at one side of picture. It is now time for the company to wake-up: The Labor union will not buy into the fact of losing union jobs in the United States while creating non-union jobs in two different section of the world.

The senior management made decisions based on the need of the company to grow, but not considering the fact of contract with labor union. With a reduction of man power, if the union came on broad with the current plans- the employees who were retained would still lose 10 % of their salary and relocate. Management had no interest in having a line of communication with the labor union, until there was no other way out of opening the final chapter of this issue. The lack of communication with all parties is the second largest issue with this employer. Because of the

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