Organizational Behaviour

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The nature of work is changing, and with it the relationship between employers and employees. Person–Organization (P-O) fit has become an increasingly important aspect of the employment relationship, as good P-O fit has been linked to organizational attraction and retention, recruiters’ selection decisions, and employees’ work-related attitudes and actions. We would hence like to explore how P-O fit influence the recruitment and selection of employees.

Key Concepts and Definitions

An important objective of organizational socialization is for newcomers to achieve a good fit with the organization. There are generally two kinds of fit that are important for socialization, Person-Job fit and Person-Organization fit. Person-Job (P-J) fit refers to the match between an employee’s necessary knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) and the requirements of a job. Person-Organization fit (P-O fit) is broadly defined as congruence of the personality traits, beliefs, and values of the employee with the culture, strategic needs, norms, and values of the organization.

P-O fit issues in the organization

A study conducted concluded that graduating college students tend to prefer jobs in organizations with a value orientation similar to their own. Furthermore, newer types of organizational designs stressing high involvement call for employees with high needs for personal growth and development who are predisposed to be deeply involved in their work, whatever their current jobs may be. In their search for new employees, such organizations benefit from keeping the needs of the whole organization in mind, rather than the demands of a particular job. (Powell, G. (1998). “Reinforcing and Extending Today's Organizations: The Simultaneous Pursuit Of Person-Organization Fit and Diversity.” Organizational Dynamics, 26(3), 50-61. Retrieved from Business Source Premier database.)

P-O fit and the recruitment process

As P-O fit is most commonly assessed in...