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The Metamorphosis

Seldom in life, does it happen that we wake up from a dream and realize that life could be like it. Seldom does it happen, that we make a conscious effort towards improving on our mistakes. Seldom does it happen, that we are told our mistakes not out of personal vendetta and jealousy but because of an honest effort to help us. And, seldom does it happen, that we get such an opportunity in a structured manner, in a classroom to do the above foretold things. The Organizational Behavior course that I went through during my first term in XLRI gave me exactly an opportunity for what I came to XLRI. They say,“ Change is the only constant in life.” And if the change is for better, then what say, but “Ola!!” This course presented to me an opportunity to realize my strengths, my weaknesses, the follies I have committed till now and the follies I would have committed for my ignorance on human matters. The fun I had in group assignments, the iota of a contribution I made towards society, the learning I had in the class will all form a part of the treasure for keeps. No doubt, XLRI pays a high degree of emphasis on developing the personalities of its students. I am a live testimony to this great line of thought on which this institution works.

It all started with the first session when we were introduced to the course and its importance (also the evaluation scheme!) by Prof M G Jomon. From this class, I took the importance of performing eclectically in the various roles I play in my life and not doing anything which I regret later. We were also divided into different groups according to our gender, according to our mother-tongues, according to the cities we belong to……Starkingly, NO!!! We were divided into various groups in a very peculiar and interesting way. All of us were given chits and told to mimic the bird that was written on those chits. And as, “Birds of the same feather, flock together”, so did we. At last, we had variegated groups which were...