Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational Behaviour


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This report present the Hilton Singapore Hotel classification criteria :

Size , Market, Service Level and Ownership.

Management functions,Skills,and Roles.

Why are employees required to learn while working in theirRelated departments in a hotel?

How does your hotel use the GLOBE framework to access your hotel


Discuss the ways by which your hotel uses the holland's typology of personality and congruent occupation theory to fit your employees' personalities and career goals

Discuss the importance that all employees practice emotional intelligence (EI).

1.Hotel Profile

(ii) Hotel Classification:


Explain:Size or the number of guestrooms in a property ,allows for a common way to categorise hotels.Hotels are typically grouped in four size categories :Under 150 rooms

150 to 299rooms

300 to 600 rooms

More than 600 rooms

Example: Hilton Singapore has 423 rooms , so the category is 300 to 600 rooms,it include Deluxe Room , Executive Room

, Executive Suite and Superior Executive Room .


Most hotels can be categorised into 4major groups ,namely commerical ,Airports,tourist and resort properties.

Hilton Singapore is commerical hotel.It is located in Singapore shopping centre Orchard Road ,with comfortable ,elegant rooms ,offer guests comfortable accommodation environment of the home general and...