Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational Behaviour

Assignment 1

Eric Nan Liao (K0142082)


Managing People in Organisations

MSc Management-Full Time

Word Count: 2066

Department of TUBS HRM

Module Leader: Barry Hague

Teesside University


This essay will be making use of relevant theories and concepts to consider the extent to which familiarity with the academic field of organizational behaviour could assist the contemporary manager in developing a more harmonious, successful and attractive organization in which to work. It should be highlighted at this stage that one topic within the field of organizational behaviour will be focused on during the course of the essay. The topic to be considered here will be employee motivation. However, it is worth mentioning that some references will be made to organizational culture as well. Furthermore, the task to be carried out in this essay will be done within the context of a real UK company, which will be HSBC plc. Another important point which needs to be mentioned relates to the fact that the essay will be particularly focusing on the retail banking aspect of the company’s business in the UK. At this point, the structure which will be used for this essay will be elaborated on. The first section following this introduction will be a brief overview of HSBC. Thereafter, a brief overview of employee motivation will be provided. These sections of the essay will be succeeded by the main body where the core task of the essay will be completed. Moreover, a brief conclusions section will be provided where some of the main points covered during the course of the essay will be summarised. All references reviewed will be furnished at the end in the bibliography of references section.

HSBC plc

HSBC is one of the world’s largest and most successful banks and this point is buttressed by the fact that it has 100 million customers worldwide. The headquarters of the company is London UK and it has over 8000 offices in...