Organizational Behaviour

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(Internal Marketing, Teacher Job Satisfaction, and Effectiveness of Central Taiwan Primary Schools)

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Dr. Huam Hon Tat

Subject: BBA 2106 Organizational Behavior

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

Faculty of Business, Management and Social Sciences

Quest International University Perak

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Table of Contents

1. Research rationale 1

2. Strengths and weaknesses of the research study 1

2.1. Research Strength 1

1. Research was proved to be unbiased 1

2. Research accurately portrayed the real population 1

2.2. Research weaknesses 2

a) Limited scope of study 2

b) Research are not applicable internationally 2

c) The effectiveness of a school is immeasurable 3

3. Lessons learned from this research study 3

References 5

1. Research rationale

The rationale for carrying out this research project lays under Taiwan’s controlled educational system that give no autonomy for teachers in developing their own curriculum and instructional plans. Schools seldom focus on the teacher’s needs which consequently created gaps between school’s operation and teacher’s expectation. The aggressive competition among Taiwan primary education institutions has forced schools to satisfy both internal (teachers) and external (students and potential students) customers. Adopting the concept of internal marketing might be able to fulfill the needs of the teachers and in turn placed schools in a better position to achieve its goals.

2. Strengths and weaknesses of the research study

3.1. Research Strength

1. Research was proved to be unbiased

The researcher takes an effective measure against non-response bias by comparing early and late respondents....