Lesson 1 Organizational Behaviour

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Lesson 1 Organization Behaviour

1. a) Using an open systems perspective, Cirque du Soleil’s founders promote a risk-taking and creative corporate culture. They frequently take gambles on new forms of creativity and initiatives. This company encourages employees to come up with new ideas and they are always evolving and changing to adapt to audiences around the world.

Using the Organizational Learning Perspective, they use technology to stay ahead of the competition and make the Cirque du Soleil experience a unique one. Also they hire people from around the world with diverse talents who can then teach others within the organization.

High Performance Work Practices Perspective – The Cirque du Soleil Company spends millions of dollars investing in their performers to capture their unique talents and creativity. They also take good care of their performers and their audiences for instance in the “O” show they have created two micro-climates to provide comfort to both the performers and the audience.

The Stakeholder Perspective is represented in that Cirque du Soleil built their Montreal headquarters on a recovered landfill, and they have developed a community outreach program where the performers teach the circus arts to kids on the street. This shows ethical and social responsibility. They also strive to create a show you aren’t likely to see anywhere else in the world, this keeps the audiences (stakeholders) coming to their show from all over the world.

b) Cirque du Soleil has performers from all over the world and this allows them to keep the show relevant to all the different markets. They employ over 3000 staff from 45 countries and who speak 25 languages. This diversity helps create the show from many different perspectives and cultures and provides unlimited creativity and innovative styles that gives them a competitive advantage.

2. Yahoo creates diversity in their workforce by hiring people from a range of cultures, backgrounds,...