The Business Plan: Made-to-Measure

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The Business Plan : MTM

1. Executive Summary

Made-To-Measure (MTM) will be a great one for customers looking for distinctive clothes online. MTM will offer creative clothing that is both functional and beautiful. They are comfortable not only come from most convenient shopping method but are the best tailored clothes for customers. The savings are passed to our customers who will be paying a fraction of what they normally do for readymade clothes in stores.

MTM consists of the best fabric, designs and styling on the market. A Co-founders of MTM has 15 years of experience in apparel and garment industry. B has been the website administrator for ABC the past eight years.

Strength of MTM is that it will not maintain any clothing inventory. MTM has tied up with many Tailors located in urban towns of India, Singapore, Korean, Vietnam… to produce and ship all MTM clothing. Our design team will work closely with these Tailors. These tailors will maintain the inventory and will produce sufficient product to meet the planned demand.


1.1 Mission

MTM’s mission is to present consumers with designs, styling and clothes that energizes any activities. Whether it be working in office, on business trip, go to downtown, traveling or stay at home MTM has comfortable, durable garments that will look and feel wonderful.

1.2 Keys to Success

• MTM website will provide you an interested space to enjoy. This is a place for you to explore your fashion hobby. You will always find something new about fashion. You will get the interested consultation about the fashion, your demo style before placing order.

• Pursuing a strong advertising campaign in a traditional media vehicle; i.e. magazines.

• Excellent vendor relationship that will assist to have high quality of fabric for manufacturing of MTM's clothing and quick shipment of orders.

• Engaging excellent design team to assist and keep the consumer abreast with fashion World.

• After sales service by...