The Money Class Reaction Paper

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Reaction Paper: The Money Class by Suze Orman

I have just finished reading the book “Money Class”, written by Suze Orman and I find it quite interesting as most of the topics discussed in the book opens our eyes to the financial realities of our time and provides sound guidance on how we may best deal with the harsh and worsening economic situation we are in. Though the discussions sounded quite negatively and pessimistic at the first chapter of the book as the author attempts to open our eyes to the financial instability and difficulties as a result of economic recession which most of us experience, it also took a turn positively by giving hope to the readers through sound and intelligent advice.

I definitely agree with Ms. Suze Orman as she emphasizes her important point that a change of attitude and perspective will surely help us through these trying times by making us more objective, proactive, resilient and adaptable to the changing economic situations. I also believe, as the author suggests that we should not dwell on our fears, anxieties and feeling of hopelessness in the face of problems, rather we should assess where we stand, evaluate our strengths and our weaknesses and determine our goals and what we want, define the best actions to take, know the possible hindrances we may encounter along the way to successfully realize our objectives and possibly mitigate the effects of the worsening economic situation we are in.

Despite the fact that most of the author’s discussion reflects real life difficulties as experiences under American economic conditions, I believe that most of the topics she discussed is also applicable and being experienced by most of Filipinos in the Philippines today, like rising unemployment and underemployment, inflation and very minimal wage increase. Majority of Filipinos in the upper and lower middle classes in the Philippines start to cross the poverty line when their income and means of livelihood no longer sufficiently...