Global Communications Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: Global Communications

Global Communications is a telecommunications company that has begun to experience a downturn in profitability and market share. Cable companies are creating a great deal of competition by adding communication solutions to their product offerings. Global Communications needs a creative plan that will not only increase profits, but help them regain their place as an industry leader. A proposed plan to decrease labor costs by outsourcing jobs to foreign countries has caused friction with the union leadership and threatens to damage the organizational loyalty of Global Communications’ employees.

The success of Global Communications is dependent upon the successful implementation of the new restructuring plan. The company must change with the industry and not all those changes will be good ones. Senior Leadership must continue to guide the company in a positive direction through effective communication with all the stakeholders of any decision.

Global Communications has decided to use benchmarking to find ideas for solving their issues effectively. By benchmarking the best practices of other companies, even in other industries, it is possible to identify common denominators and success factors that will lead to improving the position or processes without re-inventing the wheel. (June Maul)

The competitive landscape for Telecommunications and Technology companies is driven by demand for new services. Large companies have economies of scale in providing a highly automated service to large numbers of customers, and the financial resources required to build and maintain a large network. Smaller companies can compete effectively in small markets or by providing specialty services.

Issue Identification:

Global Communications contends with some major issues: keeping up with technological competition to maintain market share and using effective cost cutting measures to increase profits. Each issue offers much...