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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

Department of Management Sciences

Course Plan – Semester Fall 2009

COURSE TITLE: Introduction to Business

(BBA 1)


Course Code – MGT 100

Total Credit Hours: 48 Lectures Credit Hours: 3 per week

Total Contact Hours: 48 Lecture Contact Hours: 3 per week

Course Objectives

The approach of the course revolves around the development of a business plan. The contents of the course are focused on the structure of the business plan, and are organized in to the different parts. It explains how to establish a business, how to choose a type of business, and to establish ethics guidelines for the business.

Course Outline:

|Week 1 |Introduction To Business |

| |six eras of business |

| |business organizations |

| |not-for-profit organizations |

| |private enterprise system |

| | |

| |Economical challenges |

| |Factors that drive demand and supply |

| |different types of market...