Global Business Plan Analysis

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Running head: Global Business Plan Analysis

Global Business Plan Analysis

Gerardo Camacho

University of Phoenix


Prof. Dorothy Galas

June 7, 2010

A business plan is a defined set of documents prepared by many sources but with a common finality, business success. The business plan’s main intent is to summarize business operational and financial goals for the near future (one to three years) and to display a clear path showing how the defined business objectives will be achieved. The business plan is designed to be a schematic to guide the business strategies. The plan is a continually changing document modified as tasks, conditions and standards change and new global opportunities or new threats emerge. As business plan could be prepared just to attract external audiences like lenders or prospective investors. Part of the business plan must detail the past, present, and forecasted business performance. The Global and Transnational Business: Strategy and Management textbook explains the advantages a good business plan offers: “The major advantage of such systematized planning is that it structures complex information, defines and focuses business objectives, establishes controls, and sets targets against which performance can be measured.” When a business attempts to expand its horizons and become a global business entity there are other factors that must be taken into consideration.

As per Marzek, contributing editor of “eHow,” on her article “What are the main components of a global business plan?”All global business plans should include the following sections: Executive summary, market opportunity, details about the business, operational plan, business environment (including subsections for competitors and...