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Alumina Business Plan

University of Phoenix


In resolving this issue, Alumina must decide whether Ms. Bates’s accusation of non-regulatory compliance is plausible by conducting an independent study, should she be allowed complete access to the environmental audit report that documented the violation, and the next course of action in the event that Ms. Bates files a lawsuit for proximate cause of her daughter’s leukemia.

The Plan

Alumina should first address the issue of the underlying causes of Ms. Bates’s accusation by conducting an independent site study. By conducting the independent site study, the PAH levels can be determined and will conclude whether or not they are lower than the prescribed levels by the EPA. The study could also states that the PAH levels were higher in urban areas where the levels of traffic are higher. Ms. Bates would have to prove that Alumina’s negligent conduct is proximate cause of her daughter’s leukemia. To prove that the result of Alumina’s negligence caused her daughter to develop leukemia, Ms. Bates has to show that there was no other reason other than the contamination of the drinking water.

After receiving news that Alumina is in compliance with the EPA, Ms. Bates’s may want to see the environmental audit report that documented the violation five years ago. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows citizens to request information related to federal agencies and corporations but it also states that company’s can withhold Confidential Business Information which could jeopardize the competitive advantage of the company (Jennings, 2006). The management team recommends a partial release of the report which allows Ms. Bates’s to review the information pertinent to her accusations but withholding the confidential information in the report.


To prevent such issues from arising in the future, Alumina should remain in compliance with the EPA’s environmental regulations by continually...