Riordan Manufacturing Systems Proposal

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Running head: Riordan Manufacturing Systems Proposal

Riordan Manufacturing Systems Proposal

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The following is a synopsis of a firm within the list of the Virtual Organization Portal. The information given describes a business systems proposal for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. This proposal is given to improve the faltering Finance and Accounting departments system of operations, along with the Human Resources issues.

Riordan Manufacturing Systems Proposal

Organized business enterprise, with a readiness to take on activities geared specifically for growth and profit, often take on new and risky ventures. Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated, in a league of success, is not new to this; however, a scheme must be generated for encouraging new and better business, enterprising with initiative, and willingness to meet those challenging demands and requirements. Quite often, those challenges are costly, but the rewards of success outweigh the risks. Most of all maintaining that leading edge over the competition certainly gains that victorious milestone. Rest-assured, without taking that risk, the enterprise is sure to falter. Management could lose stamina, becoming uncertain as the competition would most likely exceed or surpass expectations. Furthermore, management could become uncertain, lacking confidence, as their earnings would trend, taking a dip in the market summary.

Riordan Manufacturing’s headquarters is based in San Jose, California. Riordan’s design specialty is injection molding of numerous plastic goods. Products manufactured are plastic bottles, plastic fans and innovative products associated with the creation of heart valves. Riordan’s Research and Development department is considered to be a leader within the industry. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. targets many customers, chiefly, the automotive, aircraft, the Department of Defense, along...