Human Resource Mgmt - If the News Is Broken to Mahesh, How Would He React If You Were Giving Advice to the Chairman on This Matter, What Would You Recommend

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1. Discuss the long-term relevance of motivational techniques used by Baheti in the light of prevailing environment in the organization.

2. Had you been Baheti, what other techniques you would have used to improve the special services provided by the organization?

1. Had you been in place of Alok Trivedi, what additional measures would you have taken?

2. Critically analyze the Employee Relations Audit in the light of its contribution to self motivation of employees.

1. If you were Malik, what strategies would you adopt to solve the problem?

2. With high employee turnover in insurance industry, how can the company retain a person like Malik?

1. What role do the non-financial incentives play in motivating the workers and minimizing the rate of absenteeism?

2. What innovative solutions would you suggest to minimize the rate of absenteeism?

1. Discuss merits/demerits of the role of strike, agitation and legal approach in union management relations.

2. What role does mutual trust play in building union-management relations?


1. Would Enterprise’s approach human resource management work in other industries?

2. Does Enterprise face any risks from its human resource strategy?

3. Would you want to work for Enterprise? Why or why not?

1. How relevant are the concepts of competencies to the jobs in a chicken-

processing plant?

2. How might you try to improve the jobs in a chicken-processing plant?

3. Are dirty, dangerous, and unpleasant jobs an inevitable part of any economy?

1. But how should he see it through

2. Do you think that the Bangalore-based company had practiced participative management?

3. If your answer is yes, with what method of participation (you have read in this...