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Q2b Consider the extent to which the Waterfall model would be an appropriate choice for the proposed project

Consider the suitability of all stakeholders – not just the development team.

Evaluation of Process Models for Walker Sharespace Project

Waterfall method

The Waterfall model would be an appropriate choice for the Walker Sharespace project, as it will allow the project team to follow a sequential path of clearly defined activities leading to project completion.

Adhering to the clearly defined set of requirements, eliminating uncertainty beforehand, will mean the project plan has no changes. Each part of will have strictly defined guidelines and deadlines with no further progression permitted until each step is complete. This is the most straightforward process model for moving through the development lifecycle with a non-complex application.

The stakeholders can follow the project plan and measure its progression; they will have the ability to review each milestone, which will provide them with confidence that the project is on track.

As a not-for profit organisation, it is important to stakeholders, that project completion is accurately forecast, with no deviation, whilst keeping to agreed funding.

The Waterfall methodology is the only process that ensures the whole project is delivered in one-step.

Iterative Method

The Iterative process model could only be suitable for the Walker Sharespace project, if it had a tight deadline or unlimited funding; as it allows for improvements to be made at each checkpoint (iteration) of the project, but may increase costs, increasing development time.

Given the simple nature of the project, it could be assumed that development would not require continuous iterative improvement, as the project has easily understandable development goals and milestones. This type of development method is better suited to the Waterfall method.

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