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Two intelligent students from solid homes on April 20, 1999 in a small town of Littleton, Colorado enacted an all out assault on Columbine High School. Killing twelve students, one teacher, along with themselves this was the biggest tragedy in the United States since the Oklahoma Bombing. The question floating about in everyone’s mind that day was what caused this to happen? No one can say for sure why the two students did it, but the biggest clue was they were both victims of bullying.

There are four basic types of bullying, all of them having a deep impact on the victims. The neighborhood bully which picks on the smaller, shyer kids. The school bullies generally coming from dysfunctional homes that take their anger out on smaller children. Gangs, who bully just to look cool or to fit in with their good “reputation” Finally the newest to society Cyber bullying, which is done through the Internet, cell phones, or any other technology. Parents and educators must work together to reduce and eliminate bullying from schools, not only to make it a friendly environment to all, but to successfully educate without distraction and fear of victimization.

In 2005, 28 percent of students ages 12 to 18 reported being bullied in the previous six months, which has doubled from figures four years ago. (Mehta) Bullying was once a minor issue of stolen lunch money or hallway shoving, but today it is worse that causes parents to involve law enforcement and lawsuits. Victims of bullying are at great risk to skip school, drop out, and receive lower grades in school than any other kid that is not a victim. (Mehta) This constant act of bullying can cause the student to change their daily behavior. They are more likely to avoid parts of schools that expose them to bullying, like a cafeteria or restrooms.

Specialists say that most students become introverted or depressed. (Mehta) The consequences can be devastating and even deadly, as in the death of 15-year-old Lawrence King at an...