Reflective Essay for Senior English 2010

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Reflective Essay

Who am I? Where am I going? How will I get there? How have I prepared for my next step? These are all question you must ask yourself continuously thought your life to make sure you’re getting where you want to and need to be. I’m over halfway through my senior year and I’m just now realizing this despite my dad’s constant lectures about doing well in school and how important it is. Although in the past I have failed most of my classes, barely passed the other ones and I am going to be a super senior I am determined to get my high school diploma. My determination to get my high school diploma has taught me that if I set my mind to something that I can achieve it.

One of the many lessons in high school that I’ve learned is that you must figure out who the people are that matter to you and who truly has your best interest in mind and hold on to those people because everyone else may put up a front like they care about you but turn around and not care if you talk to them or not. Another lesson is you must have your priorities straight. If you think your friends in high school are more important than your school work you are going to have a very hard time.

When I was a freshman I took a test that told me I was a hands-on learner (kinesthetic). At first I didn’t think much of it. But after switching into pottery this year I’ve thought about this learning method in the last few months and I’ve come to realize it’s true. Whether or not it’s working on my skateboard or making a vase I learn quickly if I’m working with my hands. But this also takes into effect when I’m doing math. The teacher might go over a new formula 10 times but I can’t commit it to memory until I complete one on my own. This learning technique helped me in pottery. I excelled in pottery because it was so hands on.

Growing up I played with Legos and K’nex all the time and I thought that I wanted to be an engineer but as I got into high school I slowly learned being an...