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Wuanda S Green

English Composition

Dr. Leslie Brown

Self-Assessment/Reflective Essay

With this essay I used the invention strategies of brainstorming, keywords, and a small amount of free writing. I found these strategies to be very effective as they allowed me to really get my thoughts together and really focus on the point of view that I wanted to present in my essay. Using these strategies I learned how to free write more effectively and how using this method of writing allows you (or me) to get every thought down on paper without thinking about grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Keywords allowed me to use certain words that would trigger a thought or idea of something that I wanted to include in my essay, and finally brainstorming, like free writing, really allowed me to get all of my thoughts down on paper and allowed me to write without thought or concern about grammar or punctuation. There is nothing that I would do differently because the strategies that I chose worked well for me while writing this essay and allowed me to get all of the information I wanted to get into the essay.

My purpose for writing this essay was to explain the cause and effects of divorce on society, and to explain the reasons for the rise in the divorce rate. My audience for this essay was my classmates and the professor of the class. I think that I fulfilled my responsibility to my audience by providing relevant information and examples of the effect that divorce has on a family, I also tried to show how the children of divorce families are affected in a negative and/or positive way. My main point for this essay was to show the effects that divorce has on family life, and that marriage should not be entered into lightly, and like buying a house it is a big responsibility. After reading this essay I would hope that people would seriously considered the points presented in this essay and really think about the commitment that they are about to make to their...