Human Services

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The paper is going to be about human services nature, the purpose of human services, its history, common intervention strategies and ethical consideration. Human Services is a vital function in today’s society. The Human Service profession is structured on serving others in a diversity of many ways. Human services is one the most important fields that serve as resource for all humankind in need. The HHS deal with state and local government organizations and sometimes they are put down when they are only trying to help others that have greater needs and also deal with many individuals on a daily bases. The Human Service attends the needs of others such as the health, safety, and welfare. They see to the needs of the young and the elderly by providing his or her assistance to help those in need. The needs that they help with are financial matters, Medicaid and Medicare motivates and promotes their goals of understanding as well as the prevention programs.

The Goals of Human Services

Human Services primary goal is to help individuals obtain their basic physical and emotional needs. In the Human Service profession a goal of support and encouragement can empower individuals to increase ones individual strengths. As a person learns how to think in a productive manner, he or she can prevail over barriers that they face. It gives the individual a sense of independence and help to keep his or herself worth in tack. The social workers who administer the services can be an advocate for those individuals in need of the shelter, food, and possibly health care, when maneuvering through the bureaucracy and mounds of paperwork.

The History Human Services

The public health services began in 1798 and built to provide service to the people of the US Seamen (Lehman & Phelps, 2002). Through time, its operation had evolved overtime as well as expanded throughout the United States. They had broadened their scopes and that fall under the agencies of the HHS....