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Riordan Manufacturing


26 March 2013

Riordan Manufacturing

The owners and management of Riordan Manufacturing are requesting a complete overhaul of their human relations system. Riordan is trying to catch up with the Information Technology age of the 21st century. Bringing all of the business systems currently used along with it. Currently the systems used are antiquated. With the installation and upgrade of new software and hardware, Riordan Manufacturing will continue to manufacture great products quicker and more efficiently. They will continue to be the “industry leaders in the field of plastic injection molding” (Riordan Manufacturing, 2004). The following chart shows how the executive decisions of the stakeholders must flow for the final decisions to be made. Currently the Executive Assistant Jane McCall, SVP – R&D Kenneth Collins, and Chief Operating Officer Hugh McCauley have to take all research and proposals to the President and CEO of Riordan Dr. Michael Riordan.


Chart 1.1

Executive Summary

Gathering Information

There are several techniques for gathering information to have a successful project completion. In this paper we will discuss a few that are more common than the others. First and foremost, One-on-One interviews are the most common type of information gathering. Sitting down with the stakeholders or clients making the requests is the best way to find out exactly what is needed. In the Information Technologies field Request for Proposals (RFP) are a common technique to gather information. A company can send out a RFP to a vendor or company so the vendor can check their inventory or capabilities to fulfill the RFP. Coming from an IT background, our office has submitted numerous RFPs to vendor and other companies for work to be done or for ordering software like Riordan Manufacturing is...