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Victor Company of Japan (JVC) Strategy

Marketing MKT/571

August 1, 2011

Victor Company of Japan (JVC) Strategy

This paper will include discussion regarding JVC product offering in Africa and the Middle East.

Additionally, this paper includes description of the market needs, market growth, SWOT

analysis, competition, product offering, product definition, product identification, and finally,

justification for choice of product deployed from research conducted.

Product Description

JVC specific product offering for this region requires a focus on the products for the population. For example, sensitivity to the financial environment and the socio-political climate requires certain products possibly to be unmarketable. In the area of television, JVC stands to gain within this market. Particularly, with the product offering ability to view World Cup Soccer Championship matches. Soccer is a major sport within the African continent and is a source of pride for the people. Satellite television can provide a source of entertainment to the entire population. Additionally, mobile audio sales are possible within the car radio product line. Through the promotion of sports appeal within the population, JVC can promote product sales within this market and continue growth throughout the Middle East.


Product Positioning

* The Victor Company of Japan (JVC) is rich in traditional Japanese customs and culture. The organization success of conducting business abroad will develop through careful selection of local people of the region to represent JVC products. Upon selection of a local marketer those selected will introduce key personnel within the JVC organization to the Islamic Culture of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Region. Local marketers will assist JVC in expanding into the highly desired market of the UAE. It is important for business that the Japanese...