Riordan Manufacturing Operations

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Running head: Riordan Manufacturing Inc Operations

Riordan Manufacturing Operations

University of Phoenix

Business Systems II-BSA/502

Vanessa Johnson, MBA-TM

Riordan Manufacturing is a leader in the plastic injection molding field. The company’s goal is to make sure that the operational issues are planned and working at optimal levels. Riordan does not want anything to interfere with the progression of the operational plans. The Operational plans that launched the company in 1991 and additional companies around the world led to staffing, accounting, and preventive maintenance just to name a few characteristics.

1. Staffing

a. Directors

1. Meetings

2. Training requirements

3. Performance rating

4. Lesson learned

b. Managers

1. Teach and evaluate training

2. Train subordinates

3. Time and attendance

4. Distribute workloads

c. Workers

1. Complete assigned tasks to standards

2. Complete training phase

2. Accounting

a. Receivable

b. Payables

c. Cash receipts

d. Cash vouches

3. Preventive Maintenance

a. Weekly

b. Monthly

c. Quarterly

d. Yearly

4. Raw Materials

a. Receiving

1. Delivery

2. Pick-up

b. Molding

1. Mixed

2. Fabrication

c. Trimming

1. Mechanical

2. Scrap

d. Labeling

1. Label

2. Logo

3. Design

e. Assembly

1. Installation

2. Manual

f. Packaging

1. Cardboard boxes...