Introduction of Thesis Proposal

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Chapter 1


I. Background of Study

Knowing that by examining their most basic plot components fairy tales could be studied and compared, Russian formalist critic Vladimir Propp reduced fairy tales to a series of actions performed by the character in each story by developing an analysis. Propp argued that all fairy tales were constructed of certain plot elements of which these elements occurred consistently in an unvarying sequence. By breaking down a large number of folk tales into their smallest units, Propp was able to arrive at a typology of narrative structures. By analyzing character types and kinds of actions, he arrived at a list of thirty-one generic plot elements, proposing that the list encompassed the entire plot components from which fairy tales were constructed.

Implementing this theory, the researchers attempt to present the hit movie Harry Potter in the light of the Proppian Theory.

II. Objective of the Study

The research aims to investigate the implementation of Propp’s narrative analysis in constructing the series of action and plots presented in the movie Harry Potter as well as to present the characters and their roles based on the said theory.

III. Significance of Study

The study of Harry Potter based on Proppian Theory can be a learning paradigm to schools to enhance the knowledge of students on the common structures that folklore and fairytales share. The research’s goal is designed to developed students ability to distinguished characters and their actual role on the plot as well as to increase their in-depth understanding of the plots.

To students: The proposed study serves the students as their reference or guide in breaking down stories, distinguishing character roles, sequencing of plots and understanding the stories using the Proppian analysis.

To teachers: The proposed study will help teachers in introducing the theory to their students. By this study, they could come up with better ideas and...