Gm 591 Course Project Outline

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I. Introduction

A. Identify the organization

1. Brief overview of the organization

2. Identify your role within organization

3. Identify issues, events, and actions that contributed to problem being discussed

II. Identify the problem you will discuss in your paper

B. Define the problem.

4. What is its nature?

C. To whom is it a problem?

D. To what extent is it a problem?

5. Is it part of a larger problem or are there related problems?

E. Show it is not a symptom of another, more fundamental problem.


III. Literature Review – the foundation of your paper

F. Identification of sources and uses of information

6. Which scholarly sources are you using to support your claim of the problem and how?

7. Which scholarly sources support your analysis and how?

G. Reintroduce your research question at the end of this section to provide a smooth transition to the analysis section.

IV. Analysis of Problem

H. Causes of problem

a) Direct cause

(1) Description of cause

b) Direct cause

(2) Description of cause

I. Leadership and Organizational Behavior concepts present in problem

c) Leadership and Organizational Behavior Concept

d) Leadership and Organizational Behavior Concept

e) Leadership and Organizational Behavior concept

V. Possible Solutions

J. Alternative #1

8. Steps and actions to take

K. Alternative #2

9. Steps and actions to take

L. Alternative #3

10. Steps and actions to take

VI. References

M. List scholarly resources (6 required in literature review) used in the literature review and elsewhere.

11. Be sure you meet the scholarly source requirement by sourcing your materials through the DeVry library system or another library...