Gm 591 Project Proposal

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GM 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Project Proposal

Overview of Organization

The organization that will be the topic of discussion for my final project paper is Technology Services Organization (TSO). TSO is a government owned organization that supports the United States Marine Corps on all web base applications that supports the Marine Corps pay and personnel systems. The TSO headquarters is based out of Quantico, Virginia and have a total of 176 employees. The organization made a major relocation from Kansas City, Kansas to Indianapolis, Indiana in June of 2011. Due to the relocation the organization lost 20% of the employee’s force along with 20% of the historic knowledge.

The relocation also caused hardship on those that were forced to move or lose their jobs, because many of the employees’ had to leave their family and friends, not to mention they were forced to sell their homes at a time when the housing market was at a historical low. Those that sold their homes took a great lost and some were even forced into foreclosure.

In addition to losing important historical knowledge, we also lost a lot of highly talented, highly valuable employees that made up the difference between the company being successful or not. I have consciously recommended that the company recruit top notch employees and pay them what they are worth. TSO, at the current time, is not willing to provide the salaries and benefits to get top notch employees. TSO has been focusing on getting employees as cheap as possible. This is partly due to the government layoffs and freezes.

My current position in the TSO is the Information Assurance Manager of the Security section. I am responsible for a team of 26 people. I began my career with TSO on April 12th, 2010. This relocation affected me as well as the other 80% of the employees that relocated. I too had to sell my home and relocate my family. Many of the employees that I have spoken to still have...