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ManageMent Futures

The World in 2018

Chartered Management Institute March 2008


Contents Foreword


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As the Chartered Management Institute set out to investigate the future of work and management, there was one overriding objective. The study should be a useful resource for busy leaders and managers who are contemplating the future of their businesses. It should be a pointer to relevant future issues. It should support the strategy process in a practical way. No single study can be all-encompassing since every organisation is unique. Leaders and managers will know their businesses best, but if this study can challenge perceptions, enhance discussions and broaden future perspectives, then it will have reached its goal. This has been a fascinating and at the same time challenging project. Fascinating because of the opportunity to hold in-depth discussions with managers and leaders, experts in their fields, and to listen to their views of the future and the impact it may have on management and

leadership. It has been challenging as we were confronted in the discussions and the accompanying research with a very broad range of relevant issues. Out of these we have extracted what we believe to be the most important issues for management and leadership. I hope this study will help organisations plan how to stay productive and competitive, retain high calibre and motivated staff and prepare for the future. sir John sunderland Chairman Cadbury Schweppes plc


executive summary / Key Findings



the Probable Future – ‘the World Continued’

4.1 Recommendations for ‘The World Continued’ 4.2 Clusters of opportunities in ‘The World Continued’

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the unexpected Future – alternative World Futures



a Desired World Future



How Future Competent is Your Organisation?