Maintaining Job Descriptions

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Maintaining Job Descriptions

Louise E. Chisolm

Professor Jennifer Familant

BUS335 Staffing Organization

May 19, 2011


This paper is focus on the importance of maintaining job descriptions. Before you can embark out on interviewing, it is important to have an applicable job description in place for every unique occupation. Having a written description completes numerous important aspects that protect your organization and your staff. A good job description works as a reference guide for defining similar industry salaries. Supports maximizes the money spent on personnel incentive for the job by ensuring knowledge, and skills needed for the position, are complete and suited to prospective candidates. Job Descriptions near a basis for staff reviews, pay increases, setting objectives, and a development path which functions as legal documentation that can be helpful in the event a worker files a dissolution or basis lawsuit against the organization.

Examine the reasons why it is important to update and write new job descriptions.

This organization is increasing and moving quickly, and has accumulated numerous new accounts some often higher than average in previous years. Our company is more in demand now than ever before with technology is continuously being updated with new computerized equipment. In order to keep up with the companies production demands. We will have to expand and hire an additional staff of 15-20 new employees in coming year. Now it been over 8 years since the originally job description was written (Heneman, 2009).

Outline a process that will yield a set of thorough, current job descriptions.

This is a working proposal on how we need to regenerate a new job description with the changing responsibilities and the company hiring 15-20 new workers in the near future. Keeping our policies and procedures updated this is very important for the continued success our...