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Job Description

A high school librarian is a designated professional employee who is expected to assume the role as an information specialist and instructional partner who can skillfully and efficiently guide and assist students and other library users in finding needed information for their learning and educational tasks.

The desired high school librarian should be a highly qualified professional with skills in selecting and organizing all library materials and with an upgraded knowledge of educational information resources. He/she also needs to possess excellent communication skills and must be sensitive enough to understand all library users. Effective and efficient communication skills and the ability to deal with and understand others by all means on communication are highly expected. A good ability in facilitating establishment of good rapport and interpersonal relationships with all library users and staff is highly needed. He/she must also be able to work collaboratively with teachers and other school staff members.

With the highly expanded utilization of computer technology in educational activities, a high school librarian will also need to possess good computer skills and knowledge. He/she needs to be skillful enough in guiding the library users on the use of information available through computer usage and must possess a broad knowledge of technology and its integration.

The designated high school librarian tasks and responsibilities are, but not limited to; guides library users in the general use of the facilities, guides them on how to access and use appropriate information from library sources, analyze appropriate information needs of the school’s students and all users, provide necessary information on the available educational material, assist users in finding needed information, organize information to ensure that users needs are met and acquire and evaluate all library information resources in all formats, collaborate...