Apart We Fall, Together We Stand

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Attention friends and families of our small community it has come to my attention that several of the people here in our town have developed similar and extensive illnesses. After this came to my attention, I decided to do a little bit of digging into the cause of this. I started my investigation by doing research on the internet on the causes for the illnesses that these people have recently suffered from. What I found greatly disturbed me. The one common cause that keeps popping up is exposure to carbon monoxide and the unreliable procedures that a gas company uses to provide the gas to its customers. This unpleasant surprise that our gas company and its practices could be making customers sick infuriates me, so I decided to take my investigation up a notch. I hired a private investigator to get me more information on the procedures and practices that the gas company uses. I also took the time to talk to several doctors to confirm the information that I got off of the internet. While the private investigator was trying to gather more information for me on the gas company, I decided that I could make good use of my time and help make my case by talking to each person that has developed some sort of illness that could be connected to the exposure of carbon monoxide. Each person’s illness has the symptoms that support the exposure to low amounts of carbon monoxide for a long period of time. It is a miracle that no one has died yet. I have collected multiple statements and accounts of each person about their illnesses. The statements include when the symptoms started, what the first symptoms were, and all the symptoms they have displayed, and exactly how the symptoms progressed. I have also contacted the health department and alerted them to this problem, as well as providing them with the statements from each person who has gotten sick. That way they can conduct a proper investigation about these coincidences and similarities in the causes and effects of these...