Gm591 Course Project Proposal

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GM591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

“The improper organization of DHS and how it affects DHS

Erica green

Course no: GM591

Leadership and Organizational Behavior

March 11, 2012

Professor Arnold Witchel

Course Project Proposal

Overview of Organization:

I work in a company called DaVita Hospitality Services (DHS) as a physical trainer located in Texas. DHS is a company which offers services for several handicap people including children, adults and old people. DHS offers medical care to handy cap people and I work as a physical trainer following the instructions of physiotherapists. DHS is one of the best places for medical care both in fee and facilities.

DHS is a small upcoming organization and it mainly focuses on providing homely environment to both patients and employees. It encourages all our personal efforts we do to see our patients happy and make them feel comfortable. We generally find friendly environment all over the hospital right from the doctors, patients and other employees. Every individual employee is assigned with few tasks and goals in order to take care of the patients. The support we get from every individual employee helps to solve minor problems with proper solutions.

I am a physical trainer to few handicaps, I help them to do their exercises correctly and advice if they are in need, and I generally do this under the supervision of physiotherapist. We are generally trained for few days when joined and later allowed to do our job.

The problems I observed from the past year in DHS are no proper training is given to the employees before allowing them to do their jobs to save the money spent on the training sessions. This may affect patients causing more inconvenience. Even though this is a small business but safety of patients must be given the primary priority. Few other problems are it has more employees than required which resulted in limiting working hours in order to cut down the pay....